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Leaflix E Business Private Limited is a market leader in offering industrial scrap management solutions in India and play’s a leading role in e commerce business.

An organization which offers sales and purchase of large number of industrial goods directly from manufacturers, suppliers and distributors through E Auctions and E Marketplace.

Through effective and efficient e-Auction process, we offer the best service to our client’s based on their requirements. We offer an online platform to connect buyers and sellers from pan India.

Leaflix E Business Private Limited specialized in providing disposal (forward auctions), procurement solutions (reverse auctions) based on on-line bidding events (OBEs), Sealed Tender.

We will dispose all types of Ferrous & Non Ferrous scrap, plant & machinery, automobiles scraps, plastics, rubbish and wooden scraps and all hazardous waste (Lead battery, E-waste, oil, Tins & Barrels, etc) through proper respective state pollution certificate holders, Scrap and Machinery will be disposed to direct end user with current market price.

We will provide best competitive lowest price realization in procurement auction to all items like Aluminium Ingots, SG Grade pigment, Copper, wooden pallet, ferrous sulphur, Tiningots, Ceramic Core, Metal steel, LDPE, Carton Box, M S Scrap, Ferro Manganese, and Silicon etc.